Hazardous Area Equipment Services


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For all your Hazardous Area Inspection &/or Assessment Requirements

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IECEx Operational Document

Hazardous Area Equipment Service [HAES] is listed as an approved Recognised Training Provider [RTP] for the IECEx CoPC, [Certification of Personnel Competency] and can deliver the required training pathway as per the IECEx Operational Document 504

TRAINING & ASSESSMENT for ISSUING Certificate of Personnel Competence
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In order to issue a Certificate of Personnel Competence [CoPC] in accordance with IECEx OD503 - Ex000 the following  staged pathways are used by HAES in delivering the initial training in preparing the learner.

Our Training Centre
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IECEx CoPC Pathway

Hazardous Area Equipment Services
For all your Hazardous Area inspection or training requirements

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